Welcome to Liturgies for Hope. Liturgies are meant to draw us into an encounter with God, strengthen our faith, and renew our commitment to establish His kingdom in our time. Here you will find liturgies intended to address different cultural, spiritual, or quotidian anxieties you may be facing, and to redirect our hearts, minds, and language toward truth.

In these troubling days we live in, we are not a people who have reason to despair. We believe that God has given us truth, wisdom, and encouragement in His Word that we can recite, repeat, and meditate on—individually and corporately—that will fill us and equip us for every good work. As a practice of counter-formation, savor these words and the Scripture they’re based on to continually cultivate hope in your heart.

We pray that these liturgies draw you ever deeper into the glorious and constant love of Christ.

~The Creative Team at Church of the City New York

A Liturgy for Those Battling Fear
A Liturgy for Those Consumed by Media
A Liturgy for Those Worried for Their Physical Health
A Liturgy for Those Concerned for Loved Ones
A Liturgy for Those Who Feel Stuck
A Liturgy for Those Who Mourn a Loss
A Liturgy for Those Falling Asleep
A Liturgy for Those Contemplating Mortality
A Liturgy for Those Struggling with Food
A Liturgy for Those Struggling to Believe
A Liturgy for Those Looking for Joy
A Liturgy for Healthcare Workers
A Liturgy for Those Struggling with Secret Sin
A Liturgy for Those Who Have Not Belly Laughed Recently
A Liturgy for Those Crying Out for Justice

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