Liturgies for  Hope

A Liturgy for Those Struggling to Believe

When we question everything we thought we once believed,

help us, gentle Teacher, to be brave seekers of truth.

When doubts multiply in our mind,

help us not to be afraid but curious.

When questions arise about your existence, your goodness, your salvation,

help us press in and believe that you can be found.

Teacher, we’re longing for someone to tell us what to believe.

We arrogantly measure you with our own intellect,

looking for answers in books, academia, pop culture, critics.

But faith is impossible when we seek it within the realm of our understanding.

We become fools when we claim to be wise.

So help us reach beyond what we know.

Help us step into wonder

into learning

into trusting you for flourishing.

The adventure of faith is there.

We are like sheep without a shepherd, O God.

We have listened to the wisdom of the world.

We have allowed ourselves to become discipled by culture.

Would you convict us of any unrighteousness suppressing the truth?

Would you gently lead us to the freedom of confession?

Would you give us humility to accept that some parts of reality are beyond our understanding?

Would you help us hold space for not knowing?

For being wrong?

For trusting you with what we don’t understand?

Give us a spirit of humility all the days of our lives so we keep coming back to you.

God, your truth vaults across the skies from sunrise to sunset.

Please warm our hearts to faith.

We wait for you, though you may be hiding your face.

We wait though the discomfort of doubt threatens to unravel us.

We believe that truth exists, though it seems impossible.

With man, this is impossible.

With God, all things are possible.

Help us seek truth with urgency and wonder,

with childlikeness instead of childishness,

until a foundation of faith, sturdy and timeless, is revealed.

Keep us alive in our famine of faith until we become what we believe.

In weakness, yes, we do believe.

Help our unbelief.


* Scripture referenced in this liturgy:

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