Liturgies for  Hope

A Liturgy for Those  Worried for Their Physical Health

Every ache and pain

sniffle and cough

fever and shallow breath is a threat,

enlarging in our minds until we are consumed with anxiety for the health of our bodies.

Our interior selves become children afraid of the dark, covers pulled up to our noses,

eyes darting from shadow to shadow, flinching at every sound,

until we are certain there is a monster in the closet or a bad guy on the stairs.

O God, may our minds not run away with what-ifs or irrational fears.

Help us breathe, wait, and listen to the bodies you formed from the dust of the ground and the breath of your nostrils.

Help us observe our symptoms (or lack thereof) correctly.

Help us discipline our minds to not despair at worst case scenarios, but instead, to accurately interpret our current moment, seeking your wisdom for the next rational step.

May we trust you with our bodies that creak and groan with mortality.

May our physical fragility remind us of our dependence on You.

May we rejoice in our weakness, knowing that you are strong.

May we develop a robust courage that does not fear our weakening bodies.

May we look forward to the day when we will receive everlasting bodies and be reunited with you.

God, you are the One who forgives our sins and heals us of disease.

We ask for physical healing when we need it,

for a correct perspective of the brevity of sickness in light of eternity,

for deep joy to well up in our souls because we know we are secure,

for hearts that look forward to boundless shalom.


* Scripture referenced in this liturgy:

Each of these liturgies was prayerfully written based on the promises of God in Scripture. We’ve listed them below with links, for those who wish to study further.

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