Liturgies for  Hope

A Liturgy for Those Who Mourn a Loss

We pause and hold unashamed space

for these days beset with disappointments we could not see coming,

and reminders of what could have been.

O Loving Maker, restore our belief that you redeem what is lost,

but also, that our grief is safe with you,

and that lamenting is not a waste of our precious time.

O Christ, you do not scorn our disappointment,

but rather remind us that you are a God who was enrobed in human flesh

and has felt salt run down your own divine face.

O, how glorious! How wonderful to have a Savior who understands!

Hope deferred makes our hearts sick,

so we ask that you remind us, O Sweetest Friend,

that what we grieve –

the canceled event

the lost job

the health of a loved one or ourselves

the paused relationship

the postponed trip

the end of a project that stirred our hearts –

was never the source of our hope to begin with.

You say we are blessed when we mourn, for we shall be comforted.

Come near and be our deepest consolation now, Father.

Tend to our grief-stricken hearts, and lead us into the warmth of your relief,

the tenderness of your word,

the marrow-deep peace of your presence,

the greater intimacy we can enjoy with our Suffering Savior.

We mourn for the loss and death of our good dreams, O Creator,

and ask that you resurrect them, if your gracious will allows.

But for now, we look toward the day

when every tear will be gone

and we meet you, the One in whom all our hope resides.


* Scripture referenced in this liturgy:

Each of these liturgies was prayerfully written based on the promises of God in Scripture. We’ve listed them below with links, for those who wish to study further.

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